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5 Rings of Architectural Neuroscience

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While most architects are oblivious to neuroscience developments, the car companies have been applying the research results for some decades now. This session discusses the latest research on neuroscience and evidence-based design in architecture. Architect and researcher Ann Sussman presents using modern eye-tracking software to analyze the human unconscious response to architectural facades and urban settings. Such software is used effectively by marketers and can be an asset to the architectural profession in designing attractive spaces. Alexandros Lavdas will discuss his ground-breaking research on VAS analysis. Prof. Richard Tylor of the University of Oregon will discuss the implications of the fact that memory is locational. Max Planck Institute researcher Aenne Brielmann will discuss the hand-eye-brain nexus and suggest its applicability in architecture and construction. Architect and author Dr. Nir Buras will bring for the first time in public the new research suggesting that automobiles are neurovisually processed as large animals.

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