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Celebrating the Founders

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The New Traditional movement was initiated by Henry Hope Reed in the US and kept alive by its union with the Institute of Classical Architecture, founded by Donald Rattner, Richard Cameron, Anne Fairfax, and Richard Sammons in New York. In continental Europe and internationally, Leon Krier more than anyone led the traditional architecture and urbanism movement. Robert Adam has led it in the UK; and Prof. James Stevens Curl. Back in the US, Andres Duany and Lizz Plater-Zyberk have been the central figures of the Congress for the New Urbanism, the first US organization to address planning and urbanism from a humanistic perspective. Together, these individuals are among the most notable to have carried the torch promoting the best environments for human well-being since World War II. In a retelling of the deep wisdom they have brought to the practice, this group exemplifies the broader set of principles behind design for surviving climate change and developing environments for the best human well-being and equity.

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