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AI and the Future of Architecture

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A new challenging dilemma has emerged: Architecture by people or by computation machines? This session focuses on a discussion to understand the arguments for both. Do traditional methods matter if modern technology can produce design by way of automation? Is computer-driven and machine made just the same because someone somewhere has to plan it and execute it? Is there a discernable difference? Does one mean more than the other? Is there a cost difference? Do people still know how to do this kind of work? Architects and their projects are now challenged by BIM, chatbots, AI-design programs, and other type of automation. But what is the real challenge in light of science repeatedly pointing to the facts that there is no good urbanism without good architecture, and that traditional forms still make the most holistic buildings and spaces for people? Without negating any technology per se, this session discusses the value and meaning of computer-driven design and how to wield it.

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