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Original Green and Roman Construction

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Steve Mouzon (The Original Green) and Matthew Bronski (engineer expert on ancient Roman construction materials and methods) discuss the relevance to contemporary design and construction the traditional and sustainable construction methodologies and new digital approaches. Obviously, training the next generation of architects is directly germane to the public welfare, and architects have to take leadership in promoting sustainable, healthy design. They have to know how to specify design standards and materials and systems that at the very least support a healthy environment and promote individual mental and physical wellbeing. They have to be educated to avoid materials and techniques—however innovative—which are known to damage the environment, are heavy users of energy in their production, and unduly costly in their maintenance. Anything reducing public stress and increasing sustainability on this planet centrally benefits the public good. A new generation of architects are returning to their material and structural roots for inspiration. The “New Traditionalists” offer fresh perspectives with a primary focus on durability, sustainability, and adaptive reuse. Considered a holistic discipline, architecture is strongly integrated from the urban scale to the details of construction. This community of designers are cosmopolitan and diverse, learning from plurality of local traditions.

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