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Dr Nir Buras

Dr Nir Buras


An architect and urban design professional, Dr Nir Buras is among a handful of architects and planners who have both classical knowledge and experience in large, complex projects. He is the author of The Art of Classic Planning (Harvard University Press, 2019).

Pablo Álvarez Funes

Pablo Álvarez Funes

Studio Lead

London-based senior architect, Prof. Pablo Álvarez Funes began his multinational career in Seville and Madrid where he developed his extraordinary knowledge of architectural precedent. Funes founded the Spanish Chapter of INTBAU in 2012.

Immo Worreschk

Immo Worreschk

Executive Manager

Disillusioned by the empty promises of Modernism, Immo‘s interest is to create enduring places and that life orientated towards, the true, the good, and the beautiful.

Jacques Z. Dilouya

Jacques Z. Dilouya

International Marketing Director

Jacques Z. Dilouya began a remarkable professional journey in creating the first commercial supply network for major telecommunications joint ventures across Europe at Alcatel Group.

Julio Cesar Perez Hernandez

Julio Cesar Perez Hernandez

Studio Lead

A seasoned international planner, architect, and lecturer, Julio Cesar Perez Hernandez is an accomplished leader, visionary, scholar, historian and published author. He has designed and built award-winning projects in the US, Cuba, Spain and Panama.

Adrianna Broome

Adrianna Broome

Social Media Manager

As CPI’s Social Media Manager and Graphic Designer, Broome works to increase engagement and outreach, establishing our online presence and promotion.

Advisory board


Erran Carmel

Former Dean, Kogod School of Business, American University


Seth Weine

Classical Architecture Mentor


Richard Cameron

Partner, Atelier & Company; Co-founder of the ICAA

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Mark Addison

CEO at Rocket Science, Entrepreneur, M&A Advisor


Eliza Hall

Strategic Counsel and Intellectual Property


Patrick Webb

Building Arts Master


Steve Bass

Classical architect, teacher, author of Beauty Memory Unity


Daniel Silva

Principal, DMS International


Lucien Steil

Internationally renowned architect, urbanist, teacher, author, and editor


Tim Wells

Business leader and developer, global product management

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