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Accreditation Program

The Academy offers two programs, a certificate program and professional accreditation.

For students who complete our two-year program, the Classic Planning Academy provides an extended Accreditation Program, which is a highly ambitious program undertaken over four years at the candidate’s own pace. Based on study, travel and on-site and professional experience, students earn a professional-level accreditation issued by the Classic Planning Institute with the right to use the relevant post-nominals. To acquire the accreditation, the candidate completes:

  • A one-year building arts practicum with hands-on experience in 40 different trades;

  • One year of Academy-guided, self-funded or philanthropically funded world travel; and

  • A two-year apprenticeship in an architectural or planning studio or office.

The Accreditation Program is the most holistic and comprehensive course of its type in the world. Candidates specialise in architecture, planning or the building arts. Certain university-level prerequisites in science, the arts and technical studies are required for accreditation. Contact us to find out more.

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