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Next intake is for November 2023

Certificate Program | Year Two

The Academy offers two programs, a certificate program and professional accreditation.

The Year Two Classic Planning Certificate (CPC) is for graduates of the Year One Certificate course and those who can demonstrate a basic knowledge of traditional architecture equivalent to Year One. Students that have finalized any INTBAU Summer School, ICAA program, or Notre Dame program are automatically admitted Into Year 2. It consists of two semesters of 15 weekly classes of five hours each (30 weeks in total). The course is divided into five core knowledge bases: Architectural Graphics, History of Architecture and Urbanism, Literature of Classical Architecture, Professional Intersections and Design Studio.


Participants will gain a core foundation of skills and knowledge in the university-level Classic Planning Academy curriculum. You will receive a certificate issued by the Classic Planning Institute for completing the each program. See more here about the Year One course.

Year Two Program ⁠and Curriculum — next intake Nov 2023

The Year Two program includes 30 weekly classes of five hours each and personalized tutoring with a professor each week. Indicative starting dates are below.

Semester One
November to February 2023-2024
Semester Two
May to August 2024

A more detailed course outline is available in the curriculum and schedule here. Semester commences in January 2023 with exact dates and times to be agreed by consensus with the student cohort and Classic Planning Academy. Classes are timed to suit those in full-time employment and will be outside of normal business hours.

Classes are taught online via Zoom until further notice. Classes will be recorded and shared with the students for their personal use. Some classes feature selected guest lecturers who are experts in their field. The program or content may vary slightly to accommodate them.


Total fees for the Year Two Certificate course are US$6500. Students may pay in instalments or a discounted annual lump sum. A discounted rate is available for students who are studying full time at university or equivalent.

How we compare

For architecture students or students considering practicing architecture, we recommend treating the acquisition of a Classic Planning Certificate as similar to an elective at university, intended to complement and supplement your degree.

Most architecture schools
Classic Planning Academy
Learn while studying or working full time

100% online

Learn traditional architecture

Learn classic urban planning

Fully learn-by-doing curriculum (low on theory, high on practice)

Create 100-year city plans

Practice hands-on traditional building arts

Qualify to practice architecture or planning

Government subsidies

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