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The Re-Creational Dialog

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After the heroic beginning of the modernist movement, disregard for human experience and having all its eggs in the technological basket make it analogous to a ship at sea without a rudder. Today we know that recent design promotes anxiety and masks strangeness and “WOW” as progress, while actively working against beauty. On the backdrop of the exigencies of pandemic and global warming, Washington, DC architect Phil Esocoff FAIA re-creates a genuine dialogue to support human community, thriving in life, and human well-being in the built environment. Esocoff presents significant design at the intersection of the construction methodologies and its Height Act in Washington. The use of flat plate post tensioned concrete structural systems that it drives, combined with the allowance to project forward of the front property line will be explained. How to use this allowance in creative ways to enrich the character and quality of the public realm will be explained and illustrated.

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